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April 10th, 2012


It was a tremendous blessing in celebrating the Lords’ Last Supper this past Thursday at Church.   Jesus celebrated the Last Super, His last Passover Feast with the 12…Humbling Himself, washing each of the Disciples feet, even the one that would betray Him, was a very moving act of loving kindness to reflect on and to see how high He set the mark only so that by sharing in His suffering we could also witness and to be able to share His amazing Love to others.

I often fall short of loving those who have hurt or offend me…

King, Savior, Lord of Lords, showing selfless and humble Loving-kindness the night before He was to suffer unimaginable pain, suffering, hurt, and betrayal.

In less than 48 hrs after the last supper,  by suffering Roman execution through crucifixion, Jesus would continue LOVING until his last breath. One of the last thoughts Jesus had while dying on the cross was for us, “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”

Can I comprehend that depth of love, forgiveness and sacrifice?

Truly Amazing Grace!

It is an exciting time of year to be a disciple of Jesus Christ…the stone was rolled away.

It is also an exciting time for the Lord’s vision, ”JesusFreaks” or “JF.”

We are thrilled to announce that “JesusFreaks” is now in distribution in the South Pacific…Aus and New Zealand and the islands associated with this region i.e. Papua, New Guinea.

Heritage (HM) has given Circle of Belief Productions a 5 year deal to release and distribute the critically acclaimed documentary, “JesusFreaks.” Through Church screenings, Home Entertainment, Broadcast sales, and Electronic Distribution, the JF media franchise has been released through a media distributor other than ourselves.

Circle of Belief Productions made the leap of faith first in Dec.2010 by going into self distribution by beginning to sell the feature length documentary from our website  Now in 2012, by securing our distribution deal with HM, who has developed a successful record of distributing faith friendly projects, we are thrilled to be part of their media show case.

Another Divine Placement is in the final stages as well…

Circle of Belief  is wrapping up the negotiations with the reality TV producers for the television lifestyle series, “JesusFreaks.”  We rest in knowing that we serve a God of completion and that He alone has opened this door. We will keep you posted as to the final outcome.  If you are reading this, please stop now and pray for the Millennial Generation… That through this series, they will be able to see what “doing life with God” is all about.

On another note…I have begun a new film project titled, “Burden of Holiness-Views from the Temple Mount.” The goal of this project is to bring deeper understanding between the three great monotheistic faiths; Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.  All three faith traditions can be traced back to Abraham…each called a Son of Abraham.  So why have the 37 acres in Jerusalem known as “The Temple Mount,” to Jews and Christians and called  by Muslims-”The Holy Sanctuary,” a place considered Sacred and Holy to all the sons of Abraham, has  also been a place of bloodshed and strife between each religion, again and again at different times in History?

That maybe just maybe through this documentary all 3 religions can find a bridge to peace, to find a way to co-exist better side by side. The hope is through this film, it will create a platform for dialogue to increase, a better understanding of one another, and tolerance may begin to grow?

By God blessing me with an excellent formal education, (I have a M.A. from University of Denver in Conflict Resolution and a B.A. from SMU in History with an emphasis in Middle Eastern/Islamic history,)  giving me the vision and experience of directing and producing ”JesusFreaks,” and building a diverse and passionate team around me,  filming this story of the most contested fought-over piece of real estate on earth is a challenge that I am well prepared and excited to begin.

My beliefs are my beliefs that’s not what this project is about…the documentary will give equal voice to all three sides and allow the viewer to form his or her own opinions.

Jews, Muslims, and Christian believers, will make up the production team as well as the cast of pilgrims who will embark on a spiritual journey through the Holy Land.

My hope is to bring exposure to the epi-center, the pulse of the never ending conflict between Arabs and Jews as well as to spotlight the religious crossroads of all three religions.

To dream a dream that this special place which is so Revered, Sacred and Holy to so many people of faith may one day also be a place of PEACE, TOLERENCE, and UNDERSTANDING?

You can watch the trailer here:
Here is a picture of me and Joshua Faudem, the director of “Burden of Holiness-Views from the Temple Mount.”
"Burden of Holiness-Views from the Temple Mount"

A Generation is Waiting…
Charles B. Cobb Jr